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Your builder and architect can be of invaluable assistance in selecting the right lot for your dream home. You can save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars by asking your builder to estimate the cost of the site preparation before you purchase, and allow your architect to review the restrictions outlined in the Design Review Guidelines that go with the subdivision in which you are interested.

Is there a building envelope that will determine where you can build on your lot and how large your home can be? Will you have enough room for the pool, the outdoor living room, the tennis court or any other amenity you have in mind? Your builder and architect will ask the questions and find the answers to many of the issues that may not have occurred to you.

The following are items to consider before purchasing your homesite:

  • Location. Is the location one that will add value to the lot in the future? What will be (or has been) developed in the area that can enhance or detract from the value of your future home? Is it conducive to the lifestyle that you envision (eg: golf course, lake, or hillside lot)?
  • Views. What views can be maximized from this lot? Will they remain after future development is completed? How can you incorporate them into the design of your home?
  • Tranquility. Is the lot located on or near major cross streets, airports, or industry that may disturb you later?
  • Practicality. Do you have children that need to be close to schools and parks? Do you commute to work and need close proximity to freeways to make driving time shorter?
  • Contour of the lot. Do the washes or natural drainage passages impact the building of your home? If so, how can they be diverted or managed, and how much will it add to the cost of your home?
  • Home Owners Associations. How do the CC&R's and the Design Review Guidelines impact your lifestyle and the design of the home?
At Shiloh, we offer our services with no obligation to help you select the best lot for your dream home. We firmly believe that involving your Building Team at the beginning, before the purchase of your lot will help you achieve optimum results in the construction of the home as well as save you time and money.